Wednesday, 10 April 2013


I kissed her skin and tasted
her buttermilk dew drop smoothness
Curves like hill roads I laid her on rose bed.
she clung onto me with toes and nails and with the winds I soared high above 
Petals unraveled a calyx of pink sweetness and I fell from heaven and lapped on her nectar sweet.

O Aegean siren who feasts on the hearts of men, your sweet song was my undoing.
Her sweet voice caressed my ear as I fell deeper and deeper. Her cleft of thighs the vice sooting my virtues gripping tighter and tighter. As I rose I fell and the falling was good. and so I fell again and again...
And as the heavens erupted casting a million stars over our thunderstruck bodies we fell back on the petals and watched the eclipse. in our scales the light was heavier than the darkness and so we chose to dance until the zodiac morning came.

Now as I lie on this bed of nails I'm reminded of the hand that drew the arrow that not only struck my heart but my very manness.

By Mncedisi Malinga (Zimbabwe)
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  1. i wish there was a like option, i wld hit tht first before commentin. Grt poetry Malinga

  2. Thank you very much anonymous. Much much appreciated!!!