Friday, 19 April 2013

A destitute love...

I am well past the stage of writing poetry
meaningless verses that spell the void in me
trying to console myself
from the sad and inevitable reality
the promise of what is to come
and the memories of what is lost

I have seen flowers wilt
have watched rivers dry
have heard beautiful songs end
the sun set each day
the love shrunk each minute

I rode high on this train
I guess I arrived when I still wanted to go
the journeys are so short
when a wave of euphoria is around you
but the crashes
the crashes are so severe
                                                  because of the momentum in the waves
I see it in the air
the way a farmer drought in the clouds
the barrenness of our love
and the bitterness of truth

And to think I loved you
I wonder why it happens
the same way bats wonder why morning comes
when the sunshine burns their wings
exiling them to their dark caves

and now I do not write poetry anymore
or conceal my feelings in words
I just see it in the air
a destitute love

Pardon Gwara (Zimbabwe)

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