Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Skin deep....

We raise the dust,
just to know where the wind blows,
I'd trade our lust,
just to know how real love goes,
what's love without trust?
that's very simple,
A relationship that never lasts,
making you feel like you need more,
I gave you my heart
and you gave it back
I know it came with four chambers
but you still tore it apart
I feel really dumb
because I still want you back
After all the lies, the different guys
I miss your touch
and I still want you by my side
is this suicide or real love
its not had to decide
I promised to give you all I had
I've truly tried to sweep
you off your feet
but it seems the broom
got stuck between your heels
I'm willing to give
you a second chance
but only if you'll love me for real
if you're not willing
send me a rescue team
that pulls you out of my blood stream
because in me you're skin deep
waters not shallow enough for me
to swim

By Kanyanta Chisashi (Zambia)

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