Wednesday, 29 April 2015


My heart, my soul longs for a new song
A song of peace and serenity
A song of hope and joy
A song of freedom
Liberating the inner man
A new song my heart awaits

Counting every minute
I wait for my song
Only my song would come from one man-God Himself
In whom music to my ears would be rest
Anguish no longer holding
Frustrations, fears all held illegal
A new song my heart believes for

With the hope of His glory
I am enchanted...
I am captivated to hope
That my new song will come to stay
That i may tell my story
Of His peace and rest
That overwhelms my inner being

Ironical it seems
Of my new song
Because its not only my song
But humanity's lament
A cry for peace
The salvation of man!!!!

By  Tshepiso S Bagwasi

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