Tuesday, 21 April 2015

On Sithole

How can I be a racist when genocides persist?
Hutsi fought the Tutsi over the shape of a nose,
Now Azania burns because her children insist
Similarity is more than skin. Machete blows
Expose a truth long denied: the devil is within
Not on the surface of the skin. As brother falls
Before brother, Azania turning Cain on kin,
Hector Peterson turns stain of the kettle’s calls;
Colonialism and slavery, a mirror, our mockery!
Angels and demons both have dark shadows,
The similarity of skin does not make one kin-ly,
I’ve seen too many black knives in dark corridors.
My brother is the wind beneath my feeble wing,
Whose voice is mine for the same song we sing.
By Philani Amadeus Nyoni (Zimbabwe)
photocredits: cnn news network.

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