Tuesday, 6 January 2015


There are fellows with a strong rural background
The rustics or country bumpkins
Who are backward and awkward
When brought to foreign land
Within sight of bright illuminating agents
Which fascinate the eye in the night sky
But wait till its morning
When they are more at home
Till they turn the tap in a clockwise motion
Or the distance covered by merely seating how easy life can be

Return the favour thy urban dweller
Seek the bus back home
After countless trial and error navigational mishaps
The homestead appears in the horizon
Thorn greet friendly when disturbed
Man’s best friend makes a nuisance of your presence
A flat battery brings your musical soliloquy to a halt
You appreciate how dark the night is
And how dark the light is
More so the appearance of the moon
Never mind stealing being accepted for once
As it steals light from the sun
Candle light not enough for your liking
As your life burns in the same way

By Kelvin Mpofu ( Zimbabwe)
Photo credits: www.google.com

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