Sunday, 18 January 2015

His heart beat....

The fire in his eyes seared through me,
a smouldering heat that burned through every premise of my being.
He cradled my face in his warm soft hands
brought me close and gave me a taste of heaven.
His lips tasted of honey, of morning dew.
He tasted earthy he tasted of the mysteries of manliness.
He brought me even closer, he felt hard solid like immovable he felt warm he felt like home.
He then whispered the most amazing things to me things I had waited my whole life to hear. 
“you're beautiful” he said, “you're a creature so magnificent so endearing so captivating so very breath taking that I’m lost for words at times if not always”.
He spoke of a light in me,
He spoke of a calmness in me,
He spoke of a kindness a gentle meekness a love he said that shone so bright and so profound that he couldn’t help but be drawn to me.
My spirit soared my soul exploded into a million pieces my mind sent into a tailspin, my body alive. This creature, this amazing wonderful being in awe of me?
Could it be that the inner most exuberant parts of me had finally shone through?
Could this creature of wonder have finally stumbled onto the greatness that was and is me?
As I lay next to him, his heart beating strong his breathe steady I knew, I knew ! then I had found my purpose.
I knew then that destiny had come calling,

I knew then that my life's intention would be to love him, to hold him dear eternally.

By Bridget Oree (Zimbabwe)

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