Monday, 26 August 2013

Her Iron Man

Agnes wasn’t easily fooled
By roses and confessions of love
Her beauty and the definition of “fact”
She had computed and found equal
So surprise stayed away
When nervous young men
Vied for her heart
And yet she came to me
One ordinary lunch break
No time for greetings
She dived into narration.
‘I hadn’t seen him in aeons
And then there he was!
Settled on a park bench
When the summer sun hit his cream skin
At just the right angle
It seemed that his pitch black hair
Hinted a shy blue
As he turned his head
There was a wise look in his eyes
And his gestures were humble but sure
Oxygen fled when he caught me transfixed
There was a grin plus a nod as he rose to his feet
A bashful child could easily shine
Aside my nervous form!
There was heat when he gripped my hand
A customary “hello” in order
But none issued…’
I listened in fascination
More than as a courtesy
Agnes’ chocolate skin
Glowed in these significant moments
Excitement prevailed in her tone
Her hands motioned for emphasis
Her eyes claimed the prize however:
I witnessed a dimension of emotion
I had never seen before in those eyes.
He was the victor
In the male species’ quest
For The Affection of Agnes Mathe
She had told me about him before
And the classic way in which they met
He was the librarian 
And she was the bookworm
The intellectual claimed the belle
Such was her only love
Her Iron Man from adolescence
She rotated her wrist
Helping the diamond to catch the light
He was no longer
Just her childhood Iron Man.

By Tebogo G.H Ndlovu (Zimbabwean)
First Published in Humans & Quills

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