Thursday, 22 August 2013

South African woman

Woman of her own
meaning her alone
intelligent and relevant
as always shown

She identify herself
no dom pass needed
she can feed, take care, even give birth
no bass needed
she took to the union building, some with a child on her back
showing us how we need her

Carried you for nine months
carries a nation for 12 months
still she gets beaten
by this drunkard, the useless

her pain is melody
selling her body to her fathers to keep her siblings breathing
later she gets eaten
after being hunted by a virus that’s unforgiving
proving birth to death is an HI-Virgin

beaten by the rays of the sun
blacken just to get maize for her son
who thank her with a diploma in criminal science
later rapes her and kills her just to sell her phone for his drugs
goes to jail and released after months

That is an african woman

By Dloze Crack pack Matooane (South Africa)

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