Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Stolen innocence (A 3-part series)

I can't express my torment 
every thought i fear
the story i hold has taken years to unfold
i can't change what i know isolated and paranoid.
His hand covering my mouth as i scream for help
His tongue on my chest
you can imagine the rest,i was only 8years old,so innocent,pure and sweet
why did he feel the need to cause me such unbearable pain?
Pinning defenceless me little me to the ground,he tore my pink little gipsy skirt,
forcing his way in to my purity,i felt a sharp pain between my quivering tiny legs,i could feel this demon pushing into my stomach
i prayed for a miracle
i wanted the pain to go away,then suddenly it all stopped
i looked up to realise the torture was over he had fled 
laying there naked in my own blood i realised it was not over it was just the beginning...


Years have passed i have no tears left to cry
ive grown up a mess
teachers date me
my parents hate me
am always in a fight 
i can't do nothing right
i met a boy who i thought had done the imposible "gaining my trust" shared my story with him only to realise he only wanted my Ass
i close my eyes and go back to that fateful day 
Raging i carve my wrist with a knife blood dripping on my thigh
the sight of blood makes me smile 
imagining your body drenched in it feels me like a high
pictures of blood flash in my head wishing you never come back to mess up my life
i think back to all the pain and all i want is your colden heart to stop in its beats
i dance to the rhythm your heart used to beat knowing your heart beats no more. 


I turned 21 
its just a day i tell myself but deep inside i know i want it to be so much more something different 
without the darkness 
without the self loathing 
i dont want to be the broken hearted girl anymore
am tired of being mistreated,misplaced,misunderstood 
i want a piece of mind,i want to smile for the right reasons,
i want to know love,how it feels like to give love and get it in return
i want a fairytale ending 
take my hand and be my guide to 

By Noriah Ngandu (Zambia)

picture source: www.google.com/rape

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