Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Letter to my love

Dear the one who inherited my soul

I am writing this letter standing before a crowd
expressing from a heart that has no bottom what my love is about
hoping you would place that smile that you've always shared when I’m around
a smile better than that of Monalisa
that makes me fly off to everywhere without a visa

Though I wonder how long it will take them to get the long and short
of how long it’s been my heart longing to be next to you
how with every single beat my heart beats for you

But long as it’s before long before they get along
I will bear with this distance though it’s long
continue to go down on my knees every dawn 
pleading with time not to take too long
in order to stop plunging far deep in the mist of loneliness

I have seen millions of all kinds
never did I come across one of your kind
indeed you were extremely hard to find
though I had always seen you in my mind

It was like you were playing hide and seek
it was you every time I fell sick, lovesick
how I wished one day I could hold you tide and squeeze
I know it sounds cliche but it’s true “Birds of the same feathers flock together”
now that we are together
I want to give you the truth of how much I can love you better
Jesus will show you the way, for I to walk you through thick and thin
I’ll be there to give you everything

I will treasure your spirit and your heart most 
for they serve as fundamental definition of our growth
no-matter the distance
our souls will never forget to wake-up every sunrise 
from the heart-warming bed-sheets of the heavens to intimately connect

I’ll not keep you close to my heart but closed in my heart
you will not run in my mind yet you will run my mind
if you ever find yourself homeless then leave me with a curse
because in the coldest hours of the night I vow to be your mansion
to be there to rescue you in every situation
I am bound to make pillows long for your tears
to give you joy every time and comprehend your fears
in my life you are always wanted, like you have committed crime
when I find you, I’ll laugh with you like I will never see you in a life time
then love you so well when God still honored me with time 

'Cause I am bound to keep your heart fortified
to be certain that you always satisfied
I am only here to kiss away your pains
to keep blood running in your veins

I’d rather kill out of will, than to see you drop tears
If you do, then I want to be locked up in jail for life
I’d rather be broke than see you with a broken heart
If it breaks, then I want to be buried alive
I do not only wanna make you my bride but my loyal wife
I do not only wanna make everything right but also you future bright
If I don’t, then I pray to god to forfeit my life

Because every day
I wanna wake with a smile 
right beside you on your right 
just to encourage you to live alright 
but discourage not leave my sight.

By Sello Alpheus Chokoe (South Africa)

picture source: tumblr.com


  1. Beautiful piece Sello,love ur word play,th beautiful well placed rhyme tht creates a musikal rhythm to th piece,well executed bravo!

  2. ey, this is one poem i want to stuff in my heart and let t come out of me in this way im feeling t. Grt wrk Sello, really grt work.