Friday, 21 December 2012

In love with my lumps and bumps.....

For years I have punished my body for randomly creating lumps and bumps without consulting me.
I think there should be some kind of body reflex that warns me (as I chow on a slab of chocolate)  that "Lumpville"(as I call it) is coming to town. 
The shock in my face when I realise there'll be less bikini days on the beach is priceless,as if I didn't know eating orgasmic chocolate would deliver a good old bump in my trunk.

The immediate discovery would instantly trigger thoughts of gruesome,suicidal exercise routines that will get rid of my new "acquisition".

The truth is that it never works because I realise I don't want to stop eating chocolate nor do I want to quit my addiction to carbohydrates.
Food is my culture because I am African.
We eat when we mourn,celebrate birth and we still eat when there's nothing to be happy or sad about.

I am on a quest to find happiness in my body,to accept what I cannot change and to embrace food without fear.

My goal is to create a movement for women that embraces "Lumpville" when she comes to town.

After everything I've put my body through I wholeheartedly believe that  my cellulite deserves a little bit of love.

By Wandiswa Ntengento ( South Africa )

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