Thursday, 13 December 2012

Erstwhile, a love.......

The winds of time blew
sweeping with them,
footprints left in time
traces of what was
that no longer is
i bury my head in thoughts
longing to understand
for a split moment
to know why
all the love went away
do the winds of time erase love?
was our love like milk;
that is sweet and all white today
but when caressed by the tentacles of life
turns bad
was it not like wine?
that celebrates the embrace of time
that becomes the best
because it stands the test of time
my love, gone
blown away from me
as a cordless kite
drifts from the reach of a kid
and watch it, helpless
only wishing if circumstances
were somewhat different
the winds of time are blowing
my love, gone
erasing the memories
and impressing pains
because this, our love
has vanished in the abyss of time

Pardon Gwara ( Zimbabwe)

photo credits