Saturday, 29 December 2012

Beside the fire place......

 Beside the fireplace 
With the melody of crackles of the flames as his sole companion 

A servant to his mind 
His life saved by his thoughts 

His desire quenched by a double malt 
Tamed on the rocks 

His state of mind? 
Asking himself- 
Is this deja vu? 

No, his thoughts have come to being 
Classic paintings camouflaging the sense of success 
Simultaneously accentuated 
by the scent of achievement 
In his head- where it all emanated 

The quality of his thoughts... 
Determined his life

 By :   Ernest Mackina  (Zimbabwe)
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  1. the power of thought......good read


  2. Thank you you very much Alice Manzungu, its amazing how far along the power of thought can take you...