Thursday, 13 December 2012


I smelt it,
The fragrance of that exotic vanilla
That incensed and mummified her glittering ebony.
That fragrance that held my breath,

Took my mind to rest
As I slipped her suit to unguide her breast.

I felt it,
The sleepiness of her dark braided hair,
The zigzagness that rows her hair into a maze
The tips of each braid crowned with beats
And the tickling sensations it unleashed on me
When she took my bosom to let her warmth.

I touched it,
The totems that made her mourned
And cried along; as my hands slipped through
The slippery fluid that wet beneath,
And my lips conquered hers with strings of kisses
Tickling alongside the nudity of her protruding twin.

I caressed it,
With my tongue, my hands and me
From her hairs, lips, breast and beneath
The trembling behind, I made still
My tongue on her navel bore a hole
And we tangled as if we host each other to be.

I did it,
… What mother warned me not to.
Her hips I parted to ease the flow
The mount of Venus was red at the peak of eruption
And behold, on it a red glittering apple was calling
Thus, like Adam with my eyes shot, I descended the valley

I loved it,
The feelings that went through my spin
As I swam through that ocean of curse waters
I heard the beats of my heart as she took me in
And row the boat that led me there,
Where, I exploded and shriek beneath with pleasure.

She opened my eye
And showed me heaven.
She drank with my hose the pool within
Eat from my tongue those leaven breads
Blessed my body with excess thrust
That set me back with blazing heat.

We made lust
And I loved it
I know she loved me not
Thus, I sought not her trust.
It was so brief, rash and smooth this act
That the memory, I’ll spare not ad infinitum

Flee thee now! I beg this of you
This memory, I keep to mark my fall
This feeling, which I let in, seeks my being.
I will never regret this that my body let be
But the stretch of my hands for the first touch, I detest
And long to withdraw all aside the sensation she gave.

Beautiful angel with lusty cross
I bless thee for this body you’ve momentarily made whole,
For, these eyes you’ve widely spread-
To note and state evil from good
But, curse be thee for with lust you crossed me
When Calvary with love seek my spirit and soul to save me. 

By Owokere Asuquo E. ( Nigeria)

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