Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Comedy In Africa

You say Africa must “stand –up” but we’re already into comedy, Conglomerates laughing to the banks while we suffer horribly, The police are corrupt like a floppy disc with bad sectors, A sitcom indeed, who are the main actors, At first they preach “elect us, elect us,” Win seats then turn around and neglect us, Long speeches about unity can never connect us, Nepotism on the ground will continue to break-us, Un-manifested manifestos just a lying prospectus, Get victimized by the people who’re meant to protect us, Now NGO’s are in schools distributing protectors, I also curse machinations and foreign detractors, We can make our own decisions they gotta respect-us, It takes courage to write a poem with these critical factors, In a continent where bullets catch you saying these matters, They will send me to sleep on a beautiful mattress, Because I questioned why they’re are spending so reckless, Because my salary is worth half their mistresses necklace, Just give me what I need then maybe I’d nag-less, Then maybe we’d be cool and there wouldn't be burglars, You don’t live where I live, you have nannies and butlers, I only free my mind through these lyrical battles, My mind has to speak, before it calms and settles, But this really is a comedy, I started to chuckle.
By Michael Mupotaringa (Zimbabwe)
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