Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Eagle flies...

Its time is nigh, the curtain call is due,
Flapping its mighty and colourful wings,
rising swiftly to the occasion, it is summoned.
The eagle flies.
Free from the snares of its catcher.

On its head a halo,
a crown not of this world,
illuminating its path,
It flutters and flees
into the wispy and dreamy clouds.
Surging through winding swirls of air,
in its tough talons;
dangling a string that once was...

Seraphims and Cherubims sing in heaven,
singing the song you and I heard in yesteryear.
They await the arrival of one of their kind,
The eagle flies, serenity it will find...

By Alex Nyasha Dube (Zimbabwe)

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