Thursday, 24 October 2013

Change will come...

Before the cock cackles and crows thrice,
Change will come and hope suffice! 
Like smoke billowing and filling the air,
War then love will leave all things fair.

They will see their reign vanish like mist,
And from their lawlessness desist. 
From us royals emerge when theirs is due,
They will elude the heat, so does the dew!

But I stand still and sturdy hitherto 
My words long lost and overdue. 
They will rise up high like leaven bread
And anarchy incited and hostility bred.

The wind will be dusty and bear much pain,
Winnowing the chaff, grooming the grain. 
The task will be fruitful before mundane,
Times will be different, and all things sane...

By Alex Nyasha Dube (Zimbabwe)

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