Thursday, 21 February 2013

The underdog...

If the underdog was ordered
By the Powers That Be
To indelibly subsist
He would have no inclination
For the good things in life
The underdog would perpetually lack
The gene of ambition
Succumbing to daily recital:

I am to you like a slave is to his master
Like a court jester to a hangman
A murderer to a judge
An épée to a rapier
An off tune to Mozart
Like the third world citizen
To a first world countryman
Danger to God.

Whatever is admirable,
Delightful, praiseworthy
Would be deemed
Foreign to the pauper
Euphony would make sense
Only to the monarchs
Laughter would never show itself
In the 24-hours of the destitute
Bread would be famous
Only in the fine parts of town
And crumbs
All the rage in the squatter camps.

But are we not all susceptible to love?
We all dance at the sound of music
We all enjoy the fellowship of a friend
We are all visited by chance
At least once in a lifetime
There is an average heart rate
And an optimal blood pressure
A masterful joke coaxes a smile on any pair of lips
A well-wound story kindles hope in any heart
Pleasure is pleasure
Verity is verity

Where is the underdog in God’s plan?
Perhaps there is none.

By; Tebogo G.H Ndlovu (Zimbabwe)

First published 20th Feb:

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