Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Inside the walls of the heart
At the centre of pains 
Souls drifted apart
Left was broken chains

At the core of our lust
In the sea of no compassion
Lies crushed our trust
Hate is now our passion

Love slipped out of our hands
What has once began now ends
The heart is lost in the grass
It lies down like broken pieces of glass

Gone are the days we used to laugh
They faded somewhere along the rough
Either we crossed the line or went out of line
Cause now we walk a mile and we barely smile

By : Sello Alpheus Chokoe (South Africa)

picture source: www.facebook.com/afrofuture


  1. Powerful. Heavy emotion carried in every line. Brilliant work Sello

  2. realistic impressions and the emotions in it. So sad tht we always start beautiful and then end up like strangers. Marvelous work