Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Rain Continues...

On a broken mirror,
I saw a reflection of my former self,
An empty shell of what I once was,
With cascading tears,
I remembered how bad you treated me,
The hideous words you uttered
The words that, in me, stole the vitality
living me with nothing left but vulnerability,
the many beatings you administered
Living nothing but permanent scars
Scars that are a reminder of many wrong decisions once taken,
Decision to love and give you myself,
Decision to stay when everyone left,
I never regretted any of these
For I have loved you
Loved you with all that I had
But all you ever did
was leave me crying, wounded
Tears cascading,
And even now in my eyes,
The Rain continues

By  Sonto Jozana ( South Africa )

picture source ; silencecupcake.info

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