Saturday, 4 October 2014

Write me our story...

Turn this page
And continue with the story of my life
Remember, memories are on replay
It’s a default setting
Leave behind the smiles that you didn’t cause
Or the laughter you didn’t induce
Those are the pages when the pen was not in your hand

Write us like this:
Start from the moment you kissed me
And narrate the passion that was in our hearts
And this mutual feeling we hope to hold long enough
When the only pain we would want to feel
Is death as it parts us
Say to the world;
From this page on
You are the reason why I smile, that you are an
An edification of my incomplete being
Stand on top of the roofs, if you may
And scribble the countless moments
We spend looking into each other’s eyes
That when time tries
These memories should bring us home

Hold me like a lantern in the darkest night
In will illuminate for you as you write us down
So our story can be read by generations to come
To hold it close to their hearts
For we will be the modern Romeo and Juliet
For love would have guided us home

Write in this our script
How the perfectness of our imperfections
Completes us in words dictionaries cannot explain
Say our love was so hot it burned the sun
That even when demons tried to break it
Their fate met them at its gate
Tell this to generations to come
That when love is this pure and strong
Sometimes you feel you have seen God’s face

So, turn this page
And scribble the story of us

Pardon Gwara (Zimbabwe)
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