Monday, 16 September 2013

Come home Father...

Come back Father,
come home to love me.
Lift me in your strong and firm hands,
throw me up high,
hoist me above where the sun sits,
where such is the stature of your affection,
poised and robust.

Rise and awake from your lowly sleep,
where you slumber and slobber
in your unperturbed rest.
Dreaming the deferred, 
Waiting for the chiming of the trumpet,
to mark the coming of the unknown. 
But I implore you; be kind enough,
awake and love me,
where you left me lost and searching...

Come back Father,
where my love stands filial and loyal
and see me prosper.
My future yonder,my success is nigh. 
All awaits your return.

Return to me,
to be my harness and strength,
as I skate on thin ice,
to face the most tumultuous of all storms.
In the wake of the cold and gloomy nights:
give me comfort,give me warmth,
so I may be kept safe,
with your discerning wisdom.

Like vigorous children running up a hill
my hope fades away into the horizon.
My days are dark,they see no light.
Your light. Your vision. Your vigilance.

Come back Father,
and tuck me to bed,kiss my forehead,
I will no longer be sad.
Come home to me,
where I humbly hum the hymn of he,
Who vowed to bring you back to me.

Come back to love me..

By Alex Nyasha Dube (Zimbabwe)

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