Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Your Untold Story.

  • Leaves have withered away
    for harmattan
    and the sun is hot coals
    in your heart
    as you walk the path of shadows
    and the unknown.

    I have seen your eagle
    from afar
    and so long a time I have
    who you are.

    I sense you are one who
    grows with the winds
    and tell stories of
    thin weak strings.

    I sense your fears too.
    They overflow as rivers,
    they tell of your gallantry,
    they tell your untold story.

    By Benedicta Ewurama Akyere Saah (Ghana)

    Photosource- Afrofutures

1 comment:

  1. Would have loved to title this piece ''AFRICA''. It knits her story well with a perfective imagery