Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A Cognitive Triad...

  • If this were ever to be our last stroll,
    then I would prefer it to be taken in the sun
    so the corrosive hands of time will not wash it

    Then when we take a painful look at the skies,
    shall we be reminded of the prints of love

    If this were ever to be my last stare at life,
    I would want to smell again that perfume
    that hugged your body
    and sing Nunc Dimittis ( in italics) that I met you

    If i ever get to heaven before you,
    I will etch your name on a stone,
    hoping the Lord picks it for a star
    Then when it shines bright in the sunless skies,
    know that
    I will be watching over you

    By Kwabena Agyare (Ghana)

    Photo sources: Afrofuture

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