Thursday, 12 April 2012

Women's day...........

It's women's day today.
They'll be praised and honoured.
It's women's day :
They'll be busy
Healing the wounds,
Calving the next generation,
Enshrouding the dead.
They'll be moving on from pots to pans,
From dust to dirty linen,
Busy feeding various male hungers,
Caring for the careless,
Looking after the disabled,
Soothing great fears,
Smoothing grand ideologies.
They'll be engaged
In cleaning baby and dying asses,
Making their small way through the world's crass,
Fueling the world's energies at their prayers.
They'll be evicted
From high positions,
Withdrawn from honours, politics and money.
They'll plant the seeds
And harvest tears,
Secure an ounce of peace in wars.
It is women's day today,
As happens once every 365 days.
It's women's day today.
The men are away.

By Brigitte Poirson ( France )

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