Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Ufck this isht is getting worse.....

She told me i am all she never had,
i was
and loving her so bad,
she swore she'd never let me go astray,
instead my heart's left with burnt marks like an ashtray.

Kissed my forehead good night in my heart i prayed to God it aint a goodbye.
Made me face everyday with a
smile so wide and eyes with hope so bright,
i never knew that kinda love will ever die,
i'm on a mission to forget her, it's hard but i try.

The chick served me her heart on a platinum platter,
got on top of every roof to tell the world that i'm hers,
today i'm collecting pieces of heart she scattered,
even the simplest words "I Love
You" have dried in her throat...

By  Nomthandazo Tsembeni  "Lola-Lady Black Poet"  ( South Africa )

picture credits: www.20somethingsurvivor.wordpress.com


  1. great poetry Nomthandazo.

  2. Bua!!!

    Im on a mission to forget her, its hard but i try


  3. wow, its like u are reading my life story. Great poetry

  4. This poem is still a good read, i love it