Sunday, 30 November 2014

broke lover...

I don't want to give you roses
Because although they are beautiful
Roses have thorns
And those thorns might remind you that love hurts

I don't want to buy you chocolate
For although it is very sweet
Too much of it might make you sick
And that sickness can be like us if we over do it

I don't want to give you silver or gold
As shiney as they may be
Even they have to be polished when they loose their shine
So they might remind you of the persona we create once we're together

I don't want to give you diamonds
For although they say their forever
Their value is one not to depended upon
And that might hint to you that one day you will not be needed

I don't want to buy you designer apparel
Even though they might keep you trendy and with times
But even trends are left for new ones
And that might be a blow to show you I can find a new lover

I don't want to get you anything
Not because I want to be a broke lover
But because to a broke brother
Only his woman means the world to him..

By  Leslie Erl Magapa (Botswana)

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