Sunday, 7 October 2012

That Bird.....

That bird 
she flies so wild and free 
without a care in the world; her mind is free 

no emotions, just instinct 
precise actions, so distinct 

food, shelter, her basic drive 
to mate, to fight, to stay alive 

that bird, that bird, 
stress is not her worry and worry not a stress 
one day at a time 
she flies with a chime 

tweet, tweet, there she goes 
toot, toot, and she knows 
tweet, tweet, how i mope 
toot, toot, how i hope 
tweet, tweet, that i to 
toot, toot, will 1 day do 
tweet, tweet will 1 day b 
toot, toot, just as she wild and free 

tweet.......there she goes she's gone 

.......that bird....that bird 
so wild..... 
so free....

By Olympia Tombe ( Zimbabwe )

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