Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Cristo Redentor (Christ Redeemer)

 Cristo Redentor, 
 save us from this dim, 
 and pastors doubt what they preach themselves, 
 for their acts and 
 deeds are no holier to digest, 
 churches turned to politics, 
 tabloids believed more than the bible itself, 
 Cristo Redentor save us from this dim.

 churches catch diarrhoea, 
 drunk houses turn religious, 
 killing loses the sin in it, 
 fathers impregnate daughters, 
 mothers fornicate with sons, 
 elderly curse the young, 
 life on earth slowly turn to life on mars, 
 Cristo Redentor, 
 save us from this dim.

 10 commandments now seem like fairy tales, 
 for now man has rights and laws to abide by, 
 drunkards breath more life than men in churches, 
 for now man believe in their pastors, 
 prophets and popes, 
 more than they believe in God, 
 Cristo Redentor save us from this wrath.

 They claim to know God and yet leading a way to Lucifer’s hut, 
 for their sins manifest more than their preaching, 
 exorcise day in and day out, 
 is it sorcery or just hypnotism? 
 Cristo Redentor, 
 save us from this dim

By Teboho Joseph Mtabane   ( South Africa )

Photo credits;  madamenoire.com

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