Thursday, 24 November 2011

He,She who is not loved..........

I am He who must be forgotten
I am She who must not be seen,
a terrible thing ,a sin
a child born out of wedlock.

I am She who must not be heard
a bad past,
history which must be erased fast.
He who is a mistake,who must remain forever in the shadows.

I am He denied of love,
a gift ,No!, certainly not from the Gods above.
Denied of maternal love ,left to suffer
I am She without a voice.

I am He unworthy of love and happiness,
She left to suffer the pain,
The voiceless, I suffer in silence because
I am HE,She who is not loved.

By. Chris Chakwana  (Zimbabwe)


  1. I am moved and touched soo much. Gideon

  2. such a sad but moving story..i am deeply touched : Nash McRonzie